Speaking of Acceptance Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan


Published: November 15th 2014



Speaking of Acceptance  by  Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan

Speaking of Acceptance by Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan
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One of the best weapons we have against life, one of the best tools in our life-skills kit, is acceptance. Sadly, it is also one of the most difficult of qualities to imbibe and put into use. We understand that acceptance brings a lot of peace, we give others plenty of advice about how they need to accept life, accept situations, accept people, accept themselves, accept disease and death, and accept life in general, but when it comes to us, we fall short. Our ego/mind refuses to accept many things, about ourselves and about others.To become accepting, one must start with awareness.

If we become extremely aware, about our inner and outer world, we are able to detach ourselves from our ego/mind, stand apart and see how our inner and outer worlds are working. Once we have awareness, we can proceed to get an understanding of how life works, how people behave, how our own ego and those of others behaves, how we all have the same hopes, aspirations, dreams, ambitions as well as the same fears, worries, anxieties, guilt, grief, greed and longings. Once there is an understanding, it becomes much easier to accept things.

Without understanding, acceptance can be there, but it is very difficult because every moment, your mind will seek justification, will seek answers, and will seek an understanding of the how and the why of what is happening. It is very difficult for us to silence the mind, but if we are able to achieve an understanding then the mind sort of calms down, and settles down.Finally, disease and death comes to everyone, whether we accept it or not.

Our non-acceptance does not help us avoid these things. In fact, our non-acceptance only makes us more worried, more insecure, more restless, wanting to somehow escape the clutches of our destiny and fate. But if we develop acceptance, we become calm, we become more relaxed and then, in that relaxed state, we are able to enjoy our live very much.

If you went to a party with some major stress, how can you enjoy it? Similarly, if we go through life with constant worry and fear, how can we enjoy? We need to accept that life unfolds according to some divine plan about which we know very little, thing happen, events happen, good and bad happens, and we need to step aside and observe everything that is happening, with calm acceptance, so that we can have a good, fruitful, purposeful life here on earth.

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