The Paladin George Shipway

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The Paladin  by  George Shipway

The Paladin by George Shipway
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Enjoyable historical fiction set in the eleventh century. Shipway goes the extra league to incorporate the vocabulary and events of the period. Meticulously researched details of chivalry and warfare. His storytelling draws the reader right into the action.Unfortunately too much study and reading of history sometimes spoils the fun of what might otherwise be an enjoyable story. In this case, the reader detects so many historical anachronisms that it is as if this is an alternate history, rather than historical fiction.

For example, linked mail is manufactured in a nineteenth century manner. Mounted archers, while common in the Middle East and Asia. Arabian horses … in Normandy ... in quantity. Finally, a thoroughly modern, worldly cynic in the person of a supposed Moor from Spain, who exhibits no evidence of Moorish religion or nobility of that day.The texts needs one more proofreading, as typographical errors abound.Despite all that, a fun read.

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