The Makeover Dude J C Love

ISBN: 9781493697618

Published: December 7th 2013


390 pages


The Makeover Dude  by  J C Love

The Makeover Dude by J C Love
December 7th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 390 pages | ISBN: 9781493697618 | 8.44 Mb

Hi everyone! My name is J C and I just wrote a book called: The Makeover Dude ! Its about a inner beauty Makeover... Lots of us get otter beauty makeovers, to be beautiful on the outside, which is awesome! Hey we look good! We spend so much time, so much money, buy all the top designer clothes etc etc etc to be so beautiful on the outside...

Well I say this respectfully but I think its time for us to get a inner beauty makeover, so we can be beautiful on the inside to. So we dont just look beautiful but so we can be a beautiful person...Which is what truly matters. A lot of us: my peers, my friends, people who I meet, struggle with these same issues in life: They once use to believe but now there bitter depresses disappointed discourage etc etc etc on the inside.

To many people walk around scared. So quick to judge others and justify things, making a wrong a right. To many people have hate in there hearts... To many people lust, cheat and break hearts. To many people are mean rude To many people gossip, talk about others behind there back.

To many people say such negatives things...etc etc etc Basically where not so beautiful on the inside anymore. Well no worries because its The Makeover Dude to the rescue! This book (and others I will write) is all about me teaching all the keys, that I have learned to being a beautiful person.

To Believe Again ! To live a life of victory! Find that dream person! To Build a relationship with the Lord ! Be complete, Be truly happy Discover your true calling !Live out your destiny! A adventures life ! A abundant life! A happy life ! To make the best choices ! To say no to certain things and why its so important. To be kind caring loving healing with your words To go out and be a blessing to others.

Smile, strike up a mild conversation with others To love not hate. Love not lust. Love not gossip. Love not judge. Etc etc etc... (This will be a series of book, the next book will be called: The Makeover Dude part 2 (volume 2) and so on.

You can check out what the chapters will be in the end of my book) Thanks your guys I really appreciate it ! I know you will enjoyed it! After you read my book your more then welcome to message me your feedback, comments, thoughts and any suggestions of what kind of chapters you would want to read for my next next book The Makeover Dude (part 3) at [email protected]

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